How regenerated nylon and recycled polyester can be turned into a luxury product ?


These were the iconic words david attenborough spoke when closing blue planet ii, the mammoth series which attracted a record 14 million viewers per episode. these sentiments have never been truer and for the most part have not fallen on deaf ears: public appetite for sustainable products has reached a record high, with the fashion industry taking great strides in reducing waste during the manufacturing process. 

Newlife Yarns and Econyl to ensure all our products are contributing to the cause of environmental sustainability, rather than detracting from it. Our unique recycled polyester filament yarns are made from used plastic bottles which are broken down mechanically (no chemicals here), processed into a polymer and finally spun into a yarn in Italy. The quality of this new material is on par with virgin polyester equivalents, so there’s no compromise on performance, just a reduced cost to the environment and its resources. Used to create everything from slow fashion to furniture, this recycled material is designed and produced to create products of the highest quality and performance, all with total respect for the environment.



Regenerated nylon in our shorts. This fascinating material begins its life on the oceans floors and landfills as industrial waste plastic, abandoned fishing nets and fabric scraps. It is then cleaned and sorted in order to recover as much of the present nylon as possible. This raw product then goes through a thorough refining process in order to recycle the material back to its original purity, so by the end of the process, our recycled nylon is indistinguishable from virgin nylon. The beauty of this way of manufacturing is that once we’ve created products such as our sports and swim shorts out of these high-performance fabrics, they have the potential to be recycled infinitely without compromising the quality of the finished product.



So while plastic is still currently cheaper to manufacture than it is to recycle, our commitment to using recycled plastics means that by buying True Tribe products, you’re contributing to reducing the global warming impact of textile manufacturing by 80% versus traditional methods. We can’t think of a better reason to upgrade your wardrobe with True Tribe.

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