How To Use Less Plastic When You Travel ?

Planning your next trip? Keep your plastic use in check with these simple tips to reduce waste when travelling. With so many opportunities to hit single use plastics where it hurts, let us guide you through what to pack for a plastic-free holiday.

1. Filtered Water Bottle 

The hot topic of the moment is undoubtedly single use plastics. Buying plastic bottles of mineral water in countries where potable water is not freely accessible is a huge downer when travelling in an exotic place. The average American buys 167 disposable bottles each year but recycles only 26 of them The number one thing you should pack for your next adventure has to be a reusable bottle with an in-built filter; not only does this mean that you’ll cut down on purchasing single use plastic but even in the remotest of areas, water can be made safe to drink. No matter whether you’re trekking in the jungle or having a beach experience, find a trusty bottle to keep you hydrated when it counts.


2. Naked Toiletries

Space is always a premium when travelling both short and long term and nothing quite weighs down a bag like toiletries. Not only is bringing disposable plastic on holiday an unnecessary space sucker, once you add shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser into the mix, there’s little space left for other essentials. Instead of accepting plastic toiletries as a necessary evil, pick up some naked productsinstead. Composed of compressed bars (much like a bar of soap), naked cosmetics and toiletries are revolutionising how we pack. Solid until wet, these bars can lather up and do everything your favourite shampoos and in-shower oils do without the plastic waste.

3. Bamboo Toothbrush

Who can keep count of the number of toothbrushes lost in transit? Surely, the toothbrush must be one of the most forgotten items on every travellers list. Spare a minute to think how much plastic has gone to landfill simply through disposable toothbrushes alone, particularly because most of these misplayed items never make their way to a recycling plant. Consider the bamboo toothbrush as your humble alternative. Not only is bamboo biodegradable for piece of mind when you inevitably leave it behind but this versatile material is one of the fastest growing and economical in the world, making it a very eco-friendly choice.

4. Reusable Straw

Around 500 million straws are used every single day in America alone - most of which end up in our oceans, polluting the waters and harming our wildlife. While not the most obvious plastic polluter when on holiday, plastic straws are one of the most harmful and thus important to counteract. From 100% biodegradable silicone to fold-away stainless steel options, there are thankfully plenty of alternatives to the ubiquitous plastic straw. Simply keep in your bag or pocket for use any time you’re thirsty.

5. Keep Cup

If we told you that the resources used to manufacture a reusable keep cup were about the same as those needed to create 15 disposable coffee or tea cup, would you even think twice about buying one? The truth is, keep cups are the simple way to really make a difference (especially if you’re a big coffee drinker). If you drink two coffees per day, using your keep cup for only a week would offset its carbon footprint - anything after that is an environmental bonus. With a huge range of sizes available - espresso lovers to giant-mug users will be happy.

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