The Best Meditation Secret is a Simple One: FOCUS

There is true luxury behind meditation:  it’s accessibility to be practised by anyone, and its ability to be practised anywhere.

It’s magic only requires one’s attention. That’s the only transaction!

Meditation is not a result-driven process. In fact, overthinking about the aspect may result in anxiety undermining its benefits. Evidence suggests meditation sharpens our ability to retain will power by gaining more control over our own emotions. Over time, building an “internal locus of control” to help protect our scarce energy from being drained by what life constantly throws at us.

The mental and physical benefits of getting into a state of relaxation are numerous.

Not only does it increase one’s performance through enhanced levels of focus, and high capacity to process and absorb information, but above all it rewards us with the feeling of ecstatic bliss and serenity when one’s mind fully wanders.

The main purpose is to cleanse your mind. 

Letting go of all the accumulated tension by acknowledging those feelings and simply accepting them as they are.. Rooting out negative emotions to replace them with positive ones. Just notice.

More self-awareness helps to find the underlying peace that lives in the ordinary. It is to find the undying appreciation of all walks of life. A simple practice of gratitude. There is something very comforting about this state of being.

Over some time, consistent training results in a sensation of enhanced clarity and humming inner peace.

Plenty of research demonstrates that meditation helps fight depression, and regular practice reduces the chance of falling back into depression by a staggering 50%. Meditation is also believed to have a positive anti-inflammatory reaction on our immune system helping us prevent multiple diseases. It is a tool that reinforces all states of our existence; Body, mind and soul.

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So, how does one’s mind wander in the lush, dense forests of British Columbia or unravel in the deep red deserts of Namibia? All whilst laying on a matte black yoga mat in New York city drinking Jasmine tea and lighting one of those divine Trudon candles your fiancé got you for Christmas? 

“The irony of meditation and mindfulness is Western society’s obsession with ‘getting it right,’ when the entire point of mindfulness, Zen, and meditation is that the duality of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is illusory and that things just ‘are’,” Tricarico.

As Tricarico points out the key is accepting our imperfect thoughts and letting our mind wander off track (it does so 50% of the time on average). Mind-wandering contributes to the creative process, again we have to embrace it and let it inspire us to go further into deep meditative states.

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There are no secrets!

Regular practice, choosing a consistent time, being more conscious about your breathing and the source of tension in your body!

Needless to say, shutting down all distractions and devices for the duration of your meditation session is a must. Lighting a candle to arouse your sense smell and accompanying your session with some smooth music ( we even have a playlist for you ) will also certainly help engage you into furthering your state of relaxation.

Meditation and its never-ending journey help you understand yourself more deeply; and what matters most to you in your personal experience as a human being. Over time, meditation will alter your life by protecting your energy levels and redirect it where it’s most relevant and meaningful to you.

The Three Types of Focus

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  • This form of focus establishes the foundation of all intuition and develops our key guiding values. It is centred on our ability to perceive our inner mechanisms and the nature of our very own perception itself.

    It rules over our self-awareness and self-management. The craft is in refining how well we are able to tune into what we really crave. By observing our strengths and limitations, we can more confidently dance with the reality of our existence.


    “Other focus” is about connection. The prerequisite lies in a strong sense of compassion and empathy for our fellow peers on this planet. It is best practised in the shifting of focus from ourselves to understanding the lives and perspectives of other people.

    “Other focus” provides a constant gift of revelation and inspiration from a garden of new ideas, emotions, and hope.


  • Aim high and out. “Outer focus” engages us with the ability to navigate outside our own ego. It's the agreement that we are unable to cope living in our own head. It is best embraced as through the liberation of freethinking. Here, lies the world of epiphanies.

    By understanding which type of distraction gets in the way of mental stillness, you are able to direct your focus and navigate to your inner being.

    The only way to understand? Wander.

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    Loved the post. Focus really helps in meditation.

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