Why Do We Love The Mediterranean So Much?

There’s no question that the alluring nature of the Mediterranean and its people have captivated the heart of the world: Aside from its breathtaking views, distinctive cuisines and authentic lifestyles, the Mediterranean is a region that consistently evolves its precious gift to the world. 

Serving as the hub for ancient travel routes, the inhabitants of the region have adopted a unique melange of eastern and western philosophies; creating a culture around the common sentiments of joyful optimism, exuberance and high spirit!


She is our mother.

“The Sea was the origin; from her became life.”

Resting peacefully above the Sahara, the Mediterranean sea kisses the shores of twenty-two nations, spanning across three continents, alongside 28,600 miles of coastline.

Scorpios Mykonos, image courtesy @scorpiosmyk

The iconic sea serves a mythic role in providing opulence and fertility to the many civilisations that rise from her gentle care.  Nestled across her shores, she offers refuge to some of the world's most beautiful retreats and glamorous getaways.

Some of our favourites destinations to explore:

From her hues of emerald green and turquoise blue to her rocky cliffs and white sand beaches; the Mediterranean fuels a culture of leisure.

Whether resting on the chic beaches of Cap D’ail or exploring the edge of Santorini, she shares a beauty untouched by centuries of change.


She nurtures.

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” - Federico Fellini

Dancing under the sun, the rich soil and temperate climate cultivate some of the most nourishing and aromatic ingredients on the planet. “Olive, wheat and grape” form a sacred trinity; yielding oil, bread and wine.

 “The Mediterranean Diet”  as we know it today is inspired by the eating habits of Spain, Italy and Greece in the 1960s.  Tables of sweet figs, citrus fruit, robust tomatoes, fresh garlic, aromatic herbs and some serious cheese! The mania surrounds raw ingredients that are true to their authentic state: as fresh and colourful as possible.

From Italian foglie d'ulivo to a cold glass of aged Greek Assyrtiko, the essence of Mediterranean eating is centred around sharing the simple pleasures of life - across the table; together. 

Our top restaurants to indulge:


She celebrates. Meraki (n.): The soul, creativity, or love put into something

The Mediterranean embodies soulful adventure, true romance, and ultimate freedom.

Mediterranean living is about carrying a specific attitude towards life; a special way of interpreting the present moment. Time runs slow - and life is a fantasy of warm and intimate existence.

 Alemagou, image courtesy @alemgou_myknos

All in all, the Mediterranean will always have her everlasting charm; forever enchanting us with her loud and mystical glory.  All that reaps within her reach is a homage to pleasure itself. She heightens the lives of all who meet her and leaves them with the desire to prosper with, savour and celebrate the fullness of life.

This is why we love her.

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