Craftsmanship is a key element that defines us, at True Tribe. Our slow fashion promise means we’re committed to creating an unparalleled luxury product that doesn’t compromise on ethics.

We want to take you into our atelier to see first-hand, the work our craftsmen put in to make our flagship True Tribe shorts.

We truly believe that quality takes time, and that it’s always worth paying to ensure your purchase has been made ethically and sustainably. So, take a look inside our Karachi atelier to see what traditional French craftsmanship made by expert Pakistani artisans really looks like.  




1. Waseem Sarwar – Pattern cutting

2. Sala Huddin – Assembling of garments

3. Muhammad Munawar - Pocket stitching

First things first, Waseem takes the pattern templates for our shorts and uses them to draw chalk outlines onto the fabric that will make up the shorts. We use Econyl’s regenerated nylon, made from plastic waste, to produce our shorts, ensuring a much lower than average carbon footprint. Once the pieces have been hand cut to form, Sala takes over in order to assemble the pieces into the correct order to begin the stitching process. Using the sewing machine, Sala begins crafting the body of the shorts by connecting the different main components of fabric, adding a mesh lining and finishing the edges with a hem. Muhammad M then begins pocket stitching - sketching, cutting and lining the fabric for the pockets, trimming and sealing the edges as he goes.

4. Muhammad Sanawar – Attachment of Pocket Zipper

5. Shakir Ajaz – Mesh Lining Attachment – Button Hole

6. Rehan Ali – Eyelets Application

7. Muhammad Zahid – Sewing on bias binding

Now it’s time for Muhammad S to attach the pocket zipper (to keep all your belongings safe), by sewing a zipper fastening to the inside of the pocket lining. Next, Shakir steps in to attach the main body mesh lining, taking care to create a button hole by hand measuring the dimensions of the shorts. Using a specially designed machine, Rehan attaches the metal eyelets to the shorts and uses a handmade template to create stitching details. Finally, Muhammad Z sews the bias binding - a long, slim piece of fabric that’s been folded in a couple of places to create give. He uses a metal attachment on the sewing machine to ensure the fabric is kept in the correct positioning while he’s attaching it.

8. Muhammad Salman – Coverstitch binder attachment – Waistband attachment

9. Gulfam Ahmed – Waistband attachment

Muhammad S then uses a coverstitch binder attachment to create an expertly crafted finish along the hemlines before Gulfam finishes off the waistband by sewing in an elasticated band to create a comfortable amount of give and support. Any raw edges are trimmed off for a clean finish.

10. Qaseem Haider – Medallion drawstring attachment

11. Iqbal Ahmed - Sewing of brand label

12. Shakeel Ahmed - Sew Elastic Waistband

Finally, Qaseem attaches our signature Medallion drawstring and hand trims the ends to ensure the perfect length, while Iqbal carefully hand-stitches the True Tribe labels into the inside of the shorts. The name of the craftsman who worked on your shorts is sewn onto each label, so you know exactly who made them. Each pair is then finished by Shakeel sewing in the elastic waistband using a specialist, ribbed machine to create a luxurious finish. Voilà - your pair of True Tribe shorts is ready to travel the world with you.