True Tribe believes in a work environment where people take pride and dignity in their craft whilst earning a higher and fairer salary that reflects a product of true quality. We aim to be a proponent in helping developing countries like Pakistan shift away from Fast to Slow fashion (Quantity vs. Quality).

True Tribe trains skilled craftsman. Each True Tribe piece takes nearly 4 hours to complete (average fast fashion Bermuda shorts take between 18 to 22 minutes) from start to finish as to make each of our shorts more durable. Most workers in larger factories have specific target they must meet and are getting their salaries based on these targets eg: per piece rate basis - this means the only incentive is to produce more and more quickly.

At True Tribe’s atelier, the crafters have had to completely change their approach and learn a new way of working, whereby time and skills are the main prerequisites for reaching our quality standards.