Gruppo Cinque is a prominent Italian company specializing in architecture and engineering. Based in Cadorago, Italy, they are known for their innovative design and engineering projects. Established as an association of professionals, Gruppo Cinque combines expertise in architecture, civil and environmental engineering, and project management (Gruppo Cinque).

One notable project by Gruppo Cinque is the "Stella del Mar" in Jesolo, which features exclusive residences and a sea-front hotel designed by the renowned architect Jean Nouvel (Gruppo Cinque).

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    Elevated activewear made for escape.

    TRUE TRIBE sources technical forward-thinking fabrics engineered from regenerated nylon 6.

    Collections feature striking prints hand-woven on traditional Jacquard looms. Fusing luxury craftsmanship with unusual cosmic elements, all pieces are handcrafted in our generational studio.

    CUTTING MASTER: Qasim Danish

    QUALITY MASTER: Muhammad Munawar

    CRAFTED FOR: TrueTribe.Paris