To face the serious threat of plastic pollution and find solutions to preserve our planet’s ecosystems, fashion must become circular. In other words, we must rethink the whole product design process and help shift people’s paradigm in the way wearable goods are perceived and purchased. The idea - moving from a linear to a circular economy by exploiting and regenerating only existing waste and transforming these into new clothes using today’s technology.

True Tribe uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon ( made from fishing nets and other plastic waste) and NEWLIFYARNS TM recycled polyester (100% Post consumer bottles) recovered from oceans and landfills to produce its shorts.



Our Tribecycles program enables you to send us back your used True Tribe products. We value waste and believe in the need to change its perception for tomorrow’s circular economy. In return we will provide you with a 20% discount on your next purchase on our official website.