Design Tips for a Serene & Minimalist Interior

Minimalism: A conscious effort to establish a quality relationship with your physical environment by applying a mindful approach to the aesthetic, functionality and serenity of your space. 

Here are some of our top tips to setting the foundation for a more harmonious environment.

Tip # 1 -  Declutter

A clean, open space is a great way to invite serenity in your home. Decluttering a space doesn't have to be a daunting task.

KonMari ( inspired by the infamous  organising consultant Marie kondo) is a japanese method of reducing your belongings that adds a refined and meaningful simplicity to your environment. 

Getting rid of physical items that don't generate pleasure into your life, involves tuning into the relationship you have with your products and really being conscious about their purpose.

Marie Kondo suggests tidying by categories rather than locations.

  • Start by organising your books 
  • Move on to papers
  • Clothing
  • Sentimental treasures
  • Wrap it up with miscellaneous items.
Photography by Rosie Seabrook

If an item doesn't spark joy or functionality; don’t bring it into your future. Minimising your belongings paves the way to creating more conscious and quality relationships with the items that matter most.

Tip # 2 -  Incorporate natural textures to add dimension

Subtle textures such as organic linen, vintage timber, reclaimed leather, and stones incorporate depth to a space. Choosing sustainable and timeless pieces over synthetic materials allow for a guilt-free and versatile ambience. Layering textures reduce acoustic noise, even out the visual space and embrace the unique character of your home.

You can incorporate raw textures to your home by:

  • Favouring natural fibres and sustainable materials.
  • Antique novelties and statement pieces ( Add in something old! )
  • Adding elements forged in nature ( shells, stones, driftwood )
  • Texturing your walls and exposing ceiling beams ( such as a french wall wash )

Photography is brought to you by Brabbu


Tip # 3 -  Maximise Natural Lighting 

Natural light is one of the most energy efficient ways to elevate a serene living space in synergy with the outdoors.  Exposure to natural light lets your interior breathe and adapt with the sun, while benefiting your own mind and body. Sunlight creates visual harmony and regulates circadian rhythms; improving our focus, mood and peace of mind.

Make sure to maximise light in your home by:

  • Allowing open access to windows, glass doors, and reflective surfaces.
  • Choosing lighter tones to amplify light.
  • Avoiding  heavy drapes or window treatments.
  • Using strategically placed mirrors to direct natural lighting.

S House, located in Cap d'Antibes, South of France, designed by Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek of NS Architects.


Tip # 4 - Enhance Your Room With Calming Scents

Photography is brought to you by Bodhitree

Finding a fragrance to indulge your senses is an absolute must for adding a signature touch to any room. 

Essential oil diffusers, beeswax and other natural candles, santo palo and fresh herbs are only some of many natural ways to perfume a space and influence its aura.

Find a scent that refines the function of your room:


  • Lemon, sweet orange, lemongrass, ginger, eucalyptus and grapefruit

LUXURIOUS, SPICY, WARM ( Seasonal - Winter )

  • Cedarwood, cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, anise and vanilla


  • Lavender, gardenia, jasmine, sage, neroli and rosemary

EARTHY ( Mood )

  • Fig, black tea, patchouli, vetiver, basil and cypress.


  • Mad et Len - Creates handmade collections in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, each housed in a crafted iron vessel adds an industrial look to any room. 
  • Diptyque - Classic Parisian parfumerie with elegant scented candles and diffusers. 
  • Santa Maria Novella -   One of the oldest heritage brands in the world specialising in rich scented candles, eau de colognes, soaps and creams; located in the heart of Florence.
  • Fornasetti - Whimsical design meets luxury craftsmanship. Fragrances engulf the senses while encased in a playful yet luxurious vessel.


Tip # 5 - Invite in Energy With Green Plants

Not only do plants give a verdant compliment to your space but, according to a study done by NASA, plants eliminate toxins from indoor spaces such as carbon monoxide. Plants are a quick go-to solution for adding life to a sterile environment.

Recommended indoor plants:

  • Jade Plant
  • Dracaena
  • Ficus/Weeping Fig
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe Vera
  • Bird of paradise

The Old Farmers Almanac houseplant care-guide offers some helpful tips to keeping plants healthy year-round.

Photography is brought to you by Meridiani

 Imperfection Is Perfection.

“Wabi- Sabi”

The acceptance of  imperfection.

This philosophy serves as a fundamental meditation. Wabi refers to living simply with humility, while Sabi refers to the ultimate acceptance of the flaws prevalent in all things. Whether it be in design, or other personal endeavours; It's important to recognise the beauty in the cycle and in its simplicity and embrace all its scars.

Photography by Laziz Hamani

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