September in Ibiza: An Off-season Guide

Ibiza is iconic for being the “boombox of the world”, with some of the trendiest nightclubs on the planet, nestled within the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands. The magic of Ibiza manifests in its festivities as the island reinvents itself every season.

As the summer comes to an end, it takes with it the crowds and competitive prices. The temperature becomes milder, and the open sea is at its best. The September sun brings a romantic glow to the cobbled streets and alleyways of the old town as the calming evening breeze bathes the island during the off-season.

An Uprising Art Scene

Isolated from mainland galleries, exhibitions and art movements, the island has established a unique footprint on the universe of art. Ibiza is affluent in hosting some of the world's most dynamic events and offers an unadulterated contribution with its deep music and art heritage. The island is blooming in its contemporary art scene.

Bloop Festival offers a promise to adorn the island with socially conscious messages each season through its initiative as the World's First Annual International Proactive Arts Festival. The month-long event starting mid-August celebrates nearly a decade of inspiration through various art installations, street art murals, boutiques and workshops scattered across the island.

In synergy with the island's art direction, Antonioli - exhibits a gallery of trendy designers in its futuristic matte-black warehouse. Located right at the heart of Ibiza's art district.  If you’re lucky, you may even spot a pair of TRUE TRIBE shorts, before heading out to the coast.

Uncover Cultural Heritage

Ibiza’s old fortified town, Dalt Vila, sits as an emblem for the island's rich history. As tourist season comes to a close, locals reclaim the streets and embrace the diversity of influence the island has endured. The Portal de Ses Taules Gate opens the scene to the islands historic district where you can take the time to truly excavate monuments otherwise too crowded to fully immerse in. The abundant opportunities to explore the roots of this Mediterranean island is established by its UNESCO World Heritage designation. From the Sa Caleta archaeological site to the Santo Domingo Church, the town is filled with eras of revolution and influence.


The well-established nightlife scene is not the only gift Ibiza offers. “The White Island” has a hidden talent for accommodating more requests.

Eco-tourism is on the rise as the island exploits its raw beauty. Luxury boutique hotels such as Casi Gasi provide a holistic approach to wellness.

Discover the Island of Es Vedrà

Uninhabited and emerging  400 metres high, the rock island of Es Vedra stands 2km directly off the coast of the beach of Cala d'Hort.

This legendary attraction echoes in ancient myths and mystery. The islet itself is an epitome of the sea nymphs that were said to have lived there. The rocky terrain, home to abundant wildlife as human footprints are limited, hosts almost 166 rare plants and brightly colored reptiles. Es Vedra continues to captivate its spectators from afar as the grounds are protected by the state. The best views of the rocky mass are from the cliffs-edge of Torre des Savinar (an ancient defense tower erected in the 18th century). The top of the tower offers the most stunning vistas to admire the autumn sun glazing over the island.

Natural Escapes

Las Salinas beach offers a natural hideaway from the typical beach club environment as its pine-lined coast proudly sits on a natural park. The famed beach is surrounded by diverse wetlands, salt beds, and striking sand dunes. The beach is a sun-lounging paradise, embracing shimmering waters and smooth Balearic beats.

For an off-the-grid escape, Formentera is a desert island known as Ibiza’s “little-sister”. The only way to reach the secluded sanctuary is by taking a boat to its shores. Formentera has a history as a bohemian-haven, marked as a part of the “hippie trail” that ran from Europe to India from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. Distinctively more peaceful than the rest of the region as the summer comes to an end, the pristine beaches are amongst the Mediterranean most beautiful.

Sunset Ashram Beach club provides a laid-back ambience with some of the most incredible views of the setting sun. The rustic venue lays on the stretch of Cala Comte. This popular attraction is typically booked during its peak season. Come fall, the venue has space to breathe and attracts the island’s most talented under the radar DJs.

Buen Provecho!

Typical Ibizan flavours are manifested in one-pot stews and specialties using local produce and seasoned with historical influences.

Be sure to try Sofrit Pagés - an iconic island dish that combines a hearty mix of various meats and vegetables, followed by a shot of “Hierbas Ibicencas” infused with citrus and indigenous herbs to aid in digestion.


Amante - The rural venue sets a reputation as being the island's most romantic spot. The menu is a perfect marriage of Spanish and Italian cuisine, combining authentic Mediterranean ingredients with refined specialties. In the evening the restaurant is illuminated with elegance, enhancing a truly magical fine-dining experience.

POM Thai - The French-owned Thai restaurant is a hidden gem. Tucked away, the quiet atmosphere establishes a serene setting and fantastic menu. An homage to eastern gastronomy, the Balinese-style decor and cozy tables provide a comforting and relaxed aura.


The ever-changing pulse of the island is one of its most charming characteristics. Just as the seasons revolve around the sun, the nature of Ibiza follows. Written in its history, its gifts of nature and unique encounters, the island leaves a legacy to those who experience it.

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