September in Mykonos: An Off-season Guide

Situated at the very center of the Aegean sea, Mykonos is easily the Mediterranean’s most iconic destination. The island embraces its beach-ready climate; a charming paradise with proud never-ending summers and short, mild winters. But, the best the island has to offer doesn’t change with the seasons.

Starting in September, the fall winds come from the south, bringing a warm breeze from North Africa and keeping the waters ideal for bathing. As the crowds disappear, the turquoise beaches are more peaceful, the white-washed streets are more serene, and some of the most exclusive island amenities become more accessible.


Mykonos Town ( known as Chora in greek ) is one of the most well-preserved historic towns in Greece. Hidden in the alleyways, are abundant galleries, boutiques, churches, and restaurants to get lost in for hours. Surrounded by bougainvillaea, and soft white architecture, the scenery provides a photo opportunity at every corner.  Be sure to stop by the The Big White Gallery to admire some multidisciplinary art and check out “Le Concept”, a classy multi-label boutique with the finest selection of designer items.


As the island's renowned landmark, the Mykonos’s seven remaining windmills add to the beautiful panorama of the island ( The Kato Myloi are the most famous facing the sea ). Exploiting the heavy winds on the island, the mills once refined centuries of grain. The mills are a perfect spot to watch the sunrise or start your morning.


Little Venice is a colourful neighborhood built on the edge of the sea. The antique fishing homes are now transformed to some of the most elegant bars on the island. During its peak in the summer,  the area is usually overflooded with people, but the story changes in September when the charming area breathes a little more freely. Known for its welcoming and diverse atmosphere, the area is definitely the place to be for another round of ouzo!


As one of the most sacred mythological sites in Greece, the island of Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage site just a short boat ride from Mykonos. The birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, the magic of Delos is not only in its story but also prevalent in the beauty of the ruins resting there. Largely uninhabited and with tourists away, the site is yours to discover.



Thriving in the sun, the Greek island cultivates some of the most nourishing and aromatic ingredients on the planet. From the groves and the sea to its tavern tables, robust flavors pay tribute to the simplicity of traditional Greek gastronomy.

The Philosophy: Food should be served as close to its natural state as possible.

We recommend trying dolmadakia, grilled aegean barbouni, classic tzatziki and a glass of Assyrtiko to celebrate the best delicacies the island has to offer.


The Sea Satin Market restaurant, nettled just under the island's iconic windmills, serves authentic cuisine with an eccentric twist right under the setting sun. Incredible views of the island are a guarantee for this seaside eatery.

Spilia - fine dining hidden in a gorgeous cove by the sea. This cosy spot is ideal for a romantic evening. With seafood caught right in front of your eyes and the octopus left to dry, the dining experience offers the typical tavern warmth like no other.

Mykonos Vioma -  for the wine aficionado, this organic vineyard is a pioneer in producing “old-world” wine. As the cradle of viticulture, greek winemaking methods here are some of the oldest in the world. At Mykonos Vioma, the grapevines rely solely on the moisture brought in by the sea breeze to flourish.


Mykonos is famed for being the heart of “beach club culture”. The island offers a variety of different scenes made for escape. Perfecting the art of hospitality, the island is booming with plenty of opportunities to unwind.

From calm and intimate, to ultra-chic; there is a seaside haven for everyone. As the season comes to an end, some of the most exclusive venues are more easily available. Hassle-free.

Here is a list of our hand-selected favorites:

SCORPIOS - an epitome of bohemian.

Mixing minimalism with heritage, the club performs as a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek “agora”. The space is designed for gathering the artistic, the spiritual and the glamourous.

The ambience of ethnic sounds, healthy offerings, and wellness activities are thought of as a ritual. A spot Dionysus himself would go to unwind.

ALEMAGOU - laid-back yet eclectic by nature.

Alemagou is both rustic and refined. The beach club promises the most authentic lounge experience on the island. Engulfed in paradox; the picturesque vista, natural landscapes and unrefined fabrics invite you to stay around the clock.

BRANCO - Myconian luxury.

Branco Mykonos is located at the cosmopolitan Platis Gialos beach. The club prides itself on luxurious sunbeds, high-quality service, and vibrant music. Tailored to pamper, the club also includes a high-end spa and a curated cocktail menu.


Visiting Mykonos in the autumn offers an experience quite different from the usual summer hype. As the island settles, and the winds change, the intimate connection with the local culture and its influences shape a more profound encounter this time of year. The deep blue tones of the sea and the golden hues of the sun remains, even after it's time for you to leave.




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