Yoga: The Ultimate Mind-Body Sport

The practice of Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years. Originating from the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. Yoga serves as an ultimate mind-body aerobic sport; focusing on building physical endurance while tuning the mind with deep breathing and mindfulness meditation.

Western lifestyle habits have not allowed men in particular to refine their flexibility. The poses we experience on the daily are restricted to the office chair. Developing a curiosity about the mobility and strength of our bodies ( and mind ) is a great place to start. It's now or never!


  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases muscle strength and tone
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Boosts overall energy and vitality
  • Aids in weight reduction
  • Improves cardio and respiratory health
  • Increases athletic endurance


Before starting your practice, it's important to learn these two disciplines to ensure a more meaningful and quality session.

AhimsaThis is a principle of compassion.

Ahimsa” involves a great attitude of respect towards your own limitations; whether it be the boundaries of the body or the battles of the mind.

This philosophy only requests a mindful connection with your own inner peace.  Progressive growth involves no room for judgement.

Photography by Andrea Piacquadio

Breath: This is a practice of life.

Yoga is a holistic approach to establishing a more symbiotic relationship between our body and mind.  Our breathing habits are at the root of this connection. You can increase focus and form through meditating on proper breathwork.


  • Breathe in through the nose down to your diaphragm and exhale back through the
  • Breathe relaxed, rhythmically and silently.


Pose # 1Standing forward fold - Uttanasana

Photography is brought to you by Vytas Yoga

Most commonly known to focus the strengthening of muscles in the hamstring, calf and hip region.

This is a great pose for those just starting out and wanting to achieve a greater form of flexibility while loosening up the body before getting into a proper flow.

To achieve this pose, you would start off by bending forward and facing the ground, hips and shoulders parallel. Legs can be straightened or slightly bent based on flexibility, with head and chest tucked in. The neck should be relaxed and not feel strained while feet are hip distance apart.

Pose # 2 - Downward facing dog  -  Adho Mukha Svanasana

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This particular pose strongly engages your core. Stretch out on the yoga mat, the feet should be parallel and shoulder width apart. The neck should always be relaxed and never feel pinched or tense. Your body should appear to be making a bridge form, like an “upside down V”.

Like all poses, (this one takes a bit of practice!), but once achieved, it would surely become an essential part of your yoga routine.

Pose # 3 - Extended side angle pose - Utthita Parsvakonasana

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This pose involves a strong stance; focusing on stretching the knee and back leg while requiring open hips. You should alternate between the left and right leg during your practice. One hand should have fingertips pressed down towards the ground, while the opposing arm reaches up and stretches the body.

Pose # 4 - The Warrior Pose - Virabhadrasana

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The Warrior pose embodies the name of a strong hero ;  Virabhadra; In which was believed to be an incarnation of Shiva himself. The pose channels focused attention and enduring strength ( as required on the battlefield ).

Stretching the shoulders, legs and chest. The Warrior stimulates the nervous system and abdominal organs that help to aid digestion and reduce lower back tension. True warrior training generates stamina, endurance, balance and undivided concentration.

Pose # 5 - The Garland Pose - Malasana

Photography is brought to you by Vytas Yoga

The Garland pose distinctively balances the energetic and dynamic forms typically practiced by men, opening the hips and allowing for a stronger back.

This is a great pose to wrap up your routine as it focuses on the lower body allowing the arms to come together in harmony.


Savasana is a practice of ultimate surrender, ending a session by gradually relaxing the body one muscle and one thought at a time. Letting go allows the breath to slow down, bringing you back full circle to a clear state of mind.



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